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AIESEC in NUS was established in 1981 after University of Singapore and Nanyang University merged to form the National University of Singapore.

Message from our Members

Being a global leadership organisation with a strong presence in Singapore, AIESEC has provided a good platform for me to connect with like-minded youths locally and from abroad. I am thankful for the many opportunities available to plan and participate in LC and national events, which have developed me into a more confident leader. The embracing environment in AIESEC has also encouraged me to explore different business functions, helping me to discover my career interests.

Bee Ling Lim


AIESEC has given me the platform to step out of my comfort zone, in multiple aspects. Socially, I have been able to befriend and interact with fellow aiesec youth locally and abroad, something I had limited experience with. I was able to gain insight from various academic and cultural backgrounds, learning from their different knowledge fields, department experiences, and personal experiences.

Noelle Leong


My experiences in AIESEC have broadened my horizons and equipped me with countless valuable skills that I will keep on honing in the future. I am also grateful for the many meaningful relationships I have forged with fellow AIESECers and beyond!

Chen Wei Ling

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Message from our Executive Board

Through AIESEC, I realized that I thrive in a multicultural environment where differences are valued and celebrated. I feel empowered to have a better understanding of my identity and aspirations in the future.

Daeun Lee

Local Committee President

AIESEC provides me with plenty of opportunities for self-improvement and exploration of new interests. Its culture aligns with my motto of working smart and playing hard. I have also met many inspirational role models as well as created fond memories with new friends!

Yingzhe Liu


AIESEC unlocked so many new pathways for me. It provides a safe environment to meet and learn from various people and explore new potentials!

Seoeun Choi


AIESEC allowed me to meet many diverse and unique people. Having the chance to learn, have fun and grow together will undoubtedly be a memory I will fondly look back on.

Chao Yu Tay


Embracing the true AIESEC experience has not only made my university journey a less lonely one, but also a more memorable and fruitful one! I’m excited and genuinely look forward to what more AIESEC has to offer :)

Zulekha Sabbir


Joining AIESEC allowed me to step out of my comfort zone to be more outgoing and step up into leadership roles. It also provided me with the platform to learn different skills, and allowed me to test the waters to find out what I liked and didn't.

Cheryl Ng

LCVP Finance

Through AIESEC, not only have I made some of the closest uni friends here, but it also gave me a safe environment to explore different fields without having to worry about grades or mistakes :) if you’re unsure about your future aspirations, give AIESEC a shot and be as daring as you can be.

Megan Ho


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